Frequently Asked Questions

Dog Waste Solutions FAQ's

Are your bags bio-degradable?

Our pet waste bags are oxo-biodegradable.

What distinguishes Dogwaste Solutions oxo-biodegradable dog bags from regular biodegradable bags? Are all biodegradable bags the same?

Our Oxo-biodegradable bags are made from 50% or more RECYCLED materials, which is another ‘Earth friendly process’. In contrast, biodegradable or degradable bags can only be manufactured from pure virgin material, wasting more new resources in the process.

We use the additive EPI which breaks down the recycled plastic into biomass and carbon. Learn more at

Do your bags fit other dispensers?

Yes, our bags fit any dispenser on the planet.

If your bags are on a continuous roll, which requires the user to pull out and tear off at a perforation, then you use the ROLL BAG style.
If the bags are FLAT PACKED and hang from 2 rods or prongs inside the dispenser, then you have the Dogwaste Solutions FLAT style.

How many bags do your dispensers hold?

Our Roll Bag Dispenser allows 3 rolls at a time to dispense. That’s 600 bags AND it holds 1 back up roll inside for a total of 800 bags! No other roll dispenser holds or dispenses more!

Our FLAT bag Dispenser holds and dispenses 600 bags at a time. That’s 50% more bags available to dispense than most Roll Bag dispensers.

Our JUMBO roll bag Dispenser holds and dispenses 1250 bags at a time.  That’s more than any dispenser on the market.

How many bags do I need to start?

That depends on the number of dog owners that will make use of each Dispenser. In a County or City Park setting, usage is 500-2000 bags per month per dispenser. In a Condo/Apartment or HOA setting, plan for 300-800 bags per month. Usage can vary widely however. It is best to have enough supply on hand so that you do not run out and create user inconvenience which encourages non-compliance. The Dogwaste Solutions Canada warehouse is fully stocked and we ship every order the same day, so you never have to overstock your inventory.

Is Installation of a Dog Waste Station easy?

Yes. We send complete instructions with each station but you can also download the instructions ahead of the arrival of your order on our website. Plus you can always call us if you need any assistance. Allow 30-45 minutes for installation. No special skills or special tools required (2 adjustable pliers, shovel or post hole digger, a bag of ready-mix cement).

Can I get an automatic shipment every month or on a schedule I request?

Yes. We can set you up to have the same order shipped on a regularly scheduled, automatic basis. Just call and let us know what you need and how often and we’ll do the rest.

Do I have to buy through a distributor?

No, we sell direct to our customers. This allows you to SAVE money buying direct instead of paying a distributor mark-up on our products. We’re the only Pet Waste Company that specializes in selling DIRECT to Professional Managers! You SAVE with Dogwaste Solutions!

What size are your bags?

Our roll bags are 8 x 13 and fit ANY roll bag dispenser. The roll itself is 8 x 2-3/4.

Our FLAT bags are 8 1/2 x 14 and fit most mitt/header style dispensers.

Our JUMBO roll bags and 8 X 13.  The roll itself is 8 X 5.

What are the case packs for the bags?

The ROLL BAGS come in a master case of 2000 bags (10 boxes of 200).

The FLAT bags come in individual boxes of 2000.

The JUMOB roll bags come in boxes of 325 ( 5 rolls of 625).

Can you ship anywhere?

We only ship within the USA 50 states and Canada.

Why are your bags and stations a much better value than competitors?

Three very simple reasons:
1) We sell direct, so there is no middleman mark-up.
2) Our profit margins are very low, so our prices can be low.
3) We are committed to helping as many communities and locations establish a pet waste program as possible to make our environment as healthy, green and clean as it can be. So we offer tremendous value to help our customers maintain and expand their dog waste programs.
If you have a question, please use the Contact Us form and ask Dogwaste Solutions!!