SINGLpul® Header Dog Waste Bags Box of 800


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SINGLpul® header dog waste bags:

• Header bag
• Black opaque
• Box of 800 bags
• Less refilling servicing
• Commercial grade
• Oversized, 40% larger than roll bags
• Holds more, easy to tie

These are Genuine Zero Waste SINGLpul® header bags. Box of 800 bags.

Dog Waste Solutions originated SINGLpul STRAP technology. All competitors’ header strap bags are copies of Dog Waste Solutions TRADEMARKED ORIGINAL! Field tested to hold water for 7 days without leaking!

SINGLpul® bags are not on a continuous, perforated roll. They are header bags, with an ingenious pull strap, that restricts dispensing to ONLY one-bag-at-a-time!

SINGLpul® bags eliminate outdated roll bag systems that require users to tear off at each perforation. Bag usage is reduced as much as 70% over traditional “roll style” bags, where users typically pull out extra bags or vandals pull out the whole roll, wasting more bags than are used for clean-up.

The SINGLpul® bag dispenser holds 800 bags; 50% MORE bags than most roll bag dispensers.

SINGLpul® bags are black opaque, so you can’t see through! SINGLpul® bags are 40% larger than roll bags!

Slotted header is 5″ on center and fits all header dispensers.

Item #: D800, Box of 800 SINGLpul® bags

SINGLpul® is a registered trademark of ZW USA INC.

SINGLpul® header dog waste bags:

• Bag Size: 9” W x 14.5” L
• Bag Thickness: 0.7 mil, 18 microns
• Box Pack: 800 bags (8 headers of 100 bags)
• Box Weight: 7 lbs

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 14.5 × 4 in


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