Dog Waste Stations for Parks in Canada


MAY, 2018

Dog Waste Stations help keep parks, multi-family properties, and residential lawns clean by giving a spot to individuals to discard dog waste. Commercial Dog Waste Stations incorporate a post, sign, waste can and a bag container, with plastic waste bags.

Helping keep your park in Canada free from dog waste is our goal. Our dog waste stations are proven to minimize the amount of dog waste left in parks.

Dog waste left in parks is not only a mess when you step in it, but it also has many other dangers, including;

  • It poisons grass and lawns.
  • It carries hookworms, ringworms, tapeworms, and more.
  • It transmits human diseases, too!
  • It pollutes waterways and is in the same EPA category as oil and mine runoff!

Dog Waste Solutions Carries Everything To Keep Your Park in Canada Free of Dog Waste