Dog Waste Solutions for Veterinarians and Animal Clinics

Solutions for Veterinarians and Animal Clinics

Taking a dog to the Vet can be an adventure for many dog owners. Every Veterinarian knows that it can be a very difficult few hours for a dog owner. The more comforts that are provided, the better the experience.
Top quality veterinary care begins as soon as your furry “client” walks through the door and Poo Free Pet Stations provides you with the tools to deliver the best waste care possible. When dogs visit their Vet they are often nervous or excited, and “accidents” are bound to happen. Even the best owners can forget to bring waste bags to clean up.

A pro-active way to make owners and their dogs happy is by providing an outside relief area with a dog waste station for easy and environmentally-friendly pet waste disposal. Poo Free Dog Stations offers full and mini dog waste stations dog waste bags, bag dispensers, waste cans and signs. Poo Free Dog Stations gives veterinarians all of the cost-effective tools to create a cleaner and greener environment.