Dog Waste Disposal Systems for Property Managers

Property Managers

Property Managers are switching to dog waste bags because they realize bags are better for everyone. Why? Because, they save money and they are 100% In Tune With Nature! There is a growing demand for “green waste removal,” and Poo Free Dog Station Bags are oxo-biodegradable.*
Property Management is a challenging and competitive industry. The most successful property managers have discovered that keeping the grounds and facilities clean is the most important element in a winning strategy. Dog Waste is a major challenge that property managers face when trying to keep their rental property clean and green. As a solution, the best Property Managers provide pet waste stations as part of their success formula.


Successful managers make and implement positive changes. Poo Free Dog Station Bags are a positive way to implement the changes made by a successful property manager. Save the community, save the environment, and save money with Poo Free Dog Stations and Dog Waste Bags.