Dog Waste Solutions for Condominiums and Apartment Property Management

Many Condominium and Apartment owners have dogs. A small complex may have over 50 dogs. That creates a lot of pet waste. How much? 275lbs per year, per dog, on average! Dog waste carries disease and is unsightly.
Although all states have laws that require owners to clean up dog waste, not everyone complies. But the problem is easily solved by providing dog waste disposal systems. A survey found that installing pet waste stations increases waste clean-up by over 200%!

By providing a highly visible dog waste system, a professional property manager can create a prominent awareness of each dog owner’s responsibility and thereby produce greater compliance. Poo Free Dog Stations offers complete dog waste stations and all of the components needed to set up a successful dog waste disposal program, including dog waste signs to remind pet owners of the importance of keeping the property clean.
From a prudent business view, it is far less costly to provide a pet waste solution than to suffer the revenue loss from an unhappy tenant who does not renew a lease. It might even cost a management company a contract renewal for the whole property if residents are unhappy with the clean up of dog waste.

Dog owners and non-owners will be equally pleased when a pet waste system is provided to contain waste to one specialized location, creating a healthier community for everyone. Poo Free Dog Stations not only provides pet waste stations, dispensers, and receptacles, but we offer Earth friendly dog waste bags, making Poo Free Dog Stations a cost-effective and green solution to your waste disposal needs.