Dog Waste Solutions for Hotels

Hotel Solutions

The Hotel industry is always evolving. Hotels are going “green” and over 30,000 properties are now dog-friendly. It’s so important that there are¬†Hotel Solutions for Dog Waste Management.

Providing an environmentally friendly Dog Waste Station is a great way to make all your guests happy. In a survey of hotel guests, it takes 12 positive experiences to overcome just 1 negative one. Dog Waste Stations are a very big positive for pet owners. Satisfied guests return time and time again and often write on-line reviews about their experience.

Providing dog waste stations is one way to make sure your hotel reviews stay positive. Most hotels will designate an specific area for dog walking and provide guests with that information upon check-in. Placing a dog waste station in the designated pet relief area ensures compliance and a healthy and safe stay for all guests. Poo Free Dog Stations not only offers the waste bag dispensers and dog waste stations, but we offer dog waste bags made in tune with Nature, 100% Oxo-Biodegradable, so hotels can stay compliant and earth-friendly.

Hospitality is about anticipating the needs of the guest. Dog friendly hotels that install pet waste stations create an outstanding experience for guests traveling with dogs.