Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags

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Did you know there are over 77.5 million owned dogs in the US? 39 percent of U.S. Families own a minimum of one dog and 24 percent of these households have two dogs. That many dogs imply that there are going to be enormous amounts of dog poop bags utilized in the US. That equals a ton of plastic bags in dumps and landfills throughout the U.S. That’s why all pet owners should purchase biodegradable dog waste bags when they shop for their own dogs and their dog’s friends. To be eco-friendly, a dog owner must utilize a biodegradable dog poop bag when picking up their dog’s poop.


It’s something that is done a frequent amount of times each day and adds up to a lot of plastic bags. An average plastic bag may take 1000’s of years to decompose, but a biodegradable bag may take as little as 3 years to decompose. This significant difference might help place less of a direct effect on the world and help the longevity of our environment. All dog owners that pick up after their animals should think about using biodegradable dog waste bags. Whilst it may look like you are the only one doing it and you aren’t having a direct effect on the world, remember that you’ll find over 77.5 million dogs in the US alone which are being cleaned up after. If even twenty-five percent of these dogs owners picked up after them with biodegradable dog waste bags, they might have a very significant impact. Next time you go to buy dog waste bags to pick up after Fido, contemplate purchasing biodegradable doggie bags here instead!¬†